Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Used to be Darker is on a few Best of 2013 Lists

Everybody wants to be loved, or even just liked.  These folks put us on their lists for the best of 2013.  Thank You!

The New Yorker



Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holey Lassminute Scheiss! Old Calf at the Southern, Tuesday 3 December at 8:30pm sharp. With San Fermin.

Why do we today feel like Robin Hood?  Come find out this Tuesday at The Southern. Doors at 8, showtime 8:30, tickets $8.  This Old Calf features Ned, Matty, Clem, Caputo, and Alex Caton.  San Fermin is the headliner; you might be glad to have caught them at this intimate venue.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Used to be Darker screens at Virginia Film Festival, Old Calf and Naughty Cod perform at Twisted Branch, 8 November 2013

It's a downright downtown mall Friday night in Cville.

We gladly announce that I Used to be Darker will have a screening at the Virginia Film Festival at 7:30pm on Friday, November 8, at the Downtown Mall Regal 4 on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, VA.  Ned Oldham will answer questions about the film in the theater after the screening.  After this, head up the mall to the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar for an Old Calf show that starts at 10pm, with an 11:30 set from Naughty Cod, “improg rock” featuring Ned, Anomoanon lead guitarist Aram Stith (who will also play in Old Calf [who have a cameo in the film]), local heros Thomas Dean and Adam Smith, and--for now--undisclosed others.  You can buy tickets to the screening through the Virginia Film Festival’s website,, and to the musical performance at the Tea Bazaar’s,  

Tickets for the Tea Bazaar show are $7, $5 with a ticket stub from I Used to be Darker.

The Old Calf band for this performance includes Ned Oldham, Matty Metcalfe, Michael Clem, Brian Caputo, Alex Caton and Aram Stith.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Truly Last Minute: Ned Oldham with Matt Porterfield at the Charles Theater Friday 27 September

This worked out only at the last minute, but I am looking forward to playing a song or two during the Question and Answer sessions that will follow the 7pm and 9:15pm screenings of I Used to be Darker at the Charles Theater in Baltimore on Friday 27 October 2013.  Matt Porterfield will also be in the house.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ned Oldham, Jack Carneal and Friends with Kim Taylor at Living Room Manhattan 6 October 2013

Ned Oldham, Jack Carneal and friends will perform at the Living Room (Manhattan) 6 October with Kim Taylor.  This show, like the Anomoanon show in Brooklyn at Union Pool 5 October with Endless Boogie, coincides with the New York theatrical premier of I Used to be Darker.  Jack and Ned, left to right, appear in the above photo; as to who their "friends" are, please come see.  We know you know how to follow links--the preceding ones lead to tickets and more info about the concerts and film.

Anomoanon / Endless Boogie at Union Pool, Brooklyn Saturday 5 October 2013

Words cannot express the excitement with which I announce this gig to coincide with the New York theatrical premier of I Used to be Darker.  A four-piece Anomoanon of Ned Oldham, Jack Carneal, Aram Stith and Dave Heumann will perform at Union Pool 5 October with Endless Boogie.  The preceding links will lead you to tickets to the film and concert respectively.  If you bring a ticket or ticket stub for the film I Used to be Darker at IFC theater, you get half off your ticket to the concert.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1 October Ned Oldham opening for Bill Callahan at the Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville

Picture if you will a picture, right here.  The picture shows Ned Oldham, holding a white telecaster clone with a mint green pickguard, a rosewood fingerboard, and no string spreader for the high E and B strings.  On his right thumb he wears a tortoise shell thumbpick.  A ten-year old, ten-foot Monster cable connects the guitar to a Fender Blues Junior amplifier that the picture cannot show has been modified by Atticus Stovall to, among other things, use a pair of 6v6 tubes in the power stage instead of el84s.  He has shaved today, and his hair, as usual, has been self-clipped using a 1 1/4" attachment.  It is impossible to describe Oldham's suit in this picture.  The suit will have to be seen to be believed.

You can see his suit on Tuesday 1 October at the Jefferson Theater, where he will open for not only Bill Callahan (who whether he knows it or not supplied the title for the film I Used to be Darker with one of his lyrics) but also Ben Chasny's New Bums.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ned Oldham solo set Sunday 30 June 2013 6pm at Blue Ridge Swim Club

I've played a Blue Ridge Swim Club Sunday evening for the past two years, and it's a tradition I really enjoy keeping.  This year it'll be me, Ned, with guitars and harmonicas, everything acoustic, in keeping with the by-laws of the community.  The spring-fed pool is always cool and is situated with ample shade.  Bring what you like in your cooler.  I really don't think it gets more laid back than this.  Members and their guests are welcome.  I'm a member; you can be my guest.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

14 June 2013: More Spell-breaking Anomoanon-ish at Louisville Flyover Film Festival

We had a great Anomoanon show at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, with Aram, Jack, Dave Heumann and Walker Teret.

And now...
JUNE 14, Louisville, KY, Zanzabar
We will have another Anomoanon quorum, with Jack, Ned and Willy Maclean, and Aram Stith plus guests including Paul Oldham and Amber Luna--Lucky Eyes--at Zanzabar.  Willy MacLean's surf-prog trio FlySwatters opens.

Anomoanon set starts at 11:30pm after the Louisville Flyover Film Festival 9pm screening of I Used to be Darker.

This is going to be a fun rock show!

7 June 2012--Ned Oldham & Old Calf at the Whiskey Jar FREE

It's been awhile.  This show will be fun, with Ned on electric guitar ("telecaster" and amp courtesy of Stovall Amplification), Michael Clem on electric bass, Brian Caputo on drums, and Matty utilizing several secret weapons.  That are electric.  It's an electric band.  Everyone sings!  Show is free, starts at 10:30pm at the Whiskey Jar on the mall in Charlottesville.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saturday 11 May 2013: Darker Anomoanon

Very excited for the Baltimore premiere of I Used to Be Darker at 8pm on Saturday 11 May at the Charles Theater in Baltimore as part of the Maryland Film Festival.

Equally excited for the afterparty at the Metro Gallery, just down the block from the Charles, as it will bring Aram Stith, Jack Carneal and me together for the first time since 2008, constituting an Anomoanon quorum.  We will play several songs as a trio, and then be joined by long-time Ano-auxiliaries Dave Heumann and Walker Teret.  Also on the bill are Kim Taylor and Guy Blakeslee and the Entrance Band.  Interplay is expected.  Doors are at 9pm, music starts sometime after 10pm.

Buy Tickets for the afterparty Here

Buy Tickets for the film Here

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Used to be Darker at CPH PIX 17 April 2013, or Man am I a terrible blogger

Man, I am a terrible blogger.  I didn't blog about the world premiere of I Used to be Darker at Sundance, or the international premiere at Berlinale, both of which also featured musical performances with Kim Taylor and, in Utah, Jack Carneal.  And here I am, only a day before I depart for Copenhagen, finally getting around to posting about going to the CPH PIX festival to present I Used to be Darker and perform, again with Kim Taylor.  I hope I will be more diligent about posting for the Maryland Film Festival in May.  People have been saying nice things about the film.  I think it turned out really well.