Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1 October Ned Oldham opening for Bill Callahan at the Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville

Picture if you will a picture, right here.  The picture shows Ned Oldham, holding a white telecaster clone with a mint green pickguard, a rosewood fingerboard, and no string spreader for the high E and B strings.  On his right thumb he wears a tortoise shell thumbpick.  A ten-year old, ten-foot Monster cable connects the guitar to a Fender Blues Junior amplifier that the picture cannot show has been modified by Atticus Stovall to, among other things, use a pair of 6v6 tubes in the power stage instead of el84s.  He has shaved today, and his hair, as usual, has been self-clipped using a 1 1/4" attachment.  It is impossible to describe Oldham's suit in this picture.  The suit will have to be seen to be believed.

You can see his suit on Tuesday 1 October at the Jefferson Theater, where he will open for not only Bill Callahan (who whether he knows it or not supplied the title for the film I Used to be Darker with one of his lyrics) but also Ben Chasny's New Bums.

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