Sunday, May 26, 2013

14 June 2013: More Spell-breaking Anomoanon-ish at Louisville Flyover Film Festival

We had a great Anomoanon show at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, with Aram, Jack, Dave Heumann and Walker Teret.

And now...
JUNE 14, Louisville, KY, Zanzabar
We will have another Anomoanon quorum, with Jack, Ned and Willy Maclean, and Aram Stith plus guests including Paul Oldham and Amber Luna--Lucky Eyes--at Zanzabar.  Willy MacLean's surf-prog trio FlySwatters opens.

Anomoanon set starts at 11:30pm after the Louisville Flyover Film Festival 9pm screening of I Used to be Darker.

This is going to be a fun rock show!

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