Thursday, September 26, 2013

Truly Last Minute: Ned Oldham with Matt Porterfield at the Charles Theater Friday 27 September

This worked out only at the last minute, but I am looking forward to playing a song or two during the Question and Answer sessions that will follow the 7pm and 9:15pm screenings of I Used to be Darker at the Charles Theater in Baltimore on Friday 27 October 2013.  Matt Porterfield will also be in the house.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ned Oldham, Jack Carneal and Friends with Kim Taylor at Living Room Manhattan 6 October 2013

Ned Oldham, Jack Carneal and friends will perform at the Living Room (Manhattan) 6 October with Kim Taylor.  This show, like the Anomoanon show in Brooklyn at Union Pool 5 October with Endless Boogie, coincides with the New York theatrical premier of I Used to be Darker.  Jack and Ned, left to right, appear in the above photo; as to who their "friends" are, please come see.  We know you know how to follow links--the preceding ones lead to tickets and more info about the concerts and film.

Anomoanon / Endless Boogie at Union Pool, Brooklyn Saturday 5 October 2013

Words cannot express the excitement with which I announce this gig to coincide with the New York theatrical premier of I Used to be Darker.  A four-piece Anomoanon of Ned Oldham, Jack Carneal, Aram Stith and Dave Heumann will perform at Union Pool 5 October with Endless Boogie.  The preceding links will lead you to tickets to the film and concert respectively.  If you bring a ticket or ticket stub for the film I Used to be Darker at IFC theater, you get half off your ticket to the concert.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1 October Ned Oldham opening for Bill Callahan at the Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville

Picture if you will a picture, right here.  The picture shows Ned Oldham, holding a white telecaster clone with a mint green pickguard, a rosewood fingerboard, and no string spreader for the high E and B strings.  On his right thumb he wears a tortoise shell thumbpick.  A ten-year old, ten-foot Monster cable connects the guitar to a Fender Blues Junior amplifier that the picture cannot show has been modified by Atticus Stovall to, among other things, use a pair of 6v6 tubes in the power stage instead of el84s.  He has shaved today, and his hair, as usual, has been self-clipped using a 1 1/4" attachment.  It is impossible to describe Oldham's suit in this picture.  The suit will have to be seen to be believed.

You can see his suit on Tuesday 1 October at the Jefferson Theater, where he will open for not only Bill Callahan (who whether he knows it or not supplied the title for the film I Used to be Darker with one of his lyrics) but also Ben Chasny's New Bums.