Thursday, October 23, 2014

Teaching via Lessonface

Old friend Dave Heumann called the other day to see if I would be up for being part of a proposed Jerry Garcia tribute show at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore this winter.  "Hell yes," I said.  He gave me some potential dates and the band lineup, which I won't jinx by elaborating upon now; more on this exciting possibility when I learn it.  Our conversation was cut short when a guitar student arrived at his apartment.  "Are you teaching much," I asked.  "Yeeeeah," he said.  "Hoping to do more as this Lessonface thing gets rolling."  "Lessonface?"  "This online lesson thing that Ashford"--Tucker, a mutual friend,--"and his wife Claire started recently."  I googled it as we wrapped up.  "Yeeeeah, it seems pretty cool," he said, "Walker [Teret] is trying it too.  Weeeeel, I better go teach."  "Wait," I said, "Gimme your mailing address.  I need to send you some copies of this new No Quarter single that you sing on."  "Please!"  He gave me his address.  I sent him some copies of the record.  Then I contacted Ashford and checked out Lessonface, and signed up as a teacher.

I like teaching, have taught guitar, improvisational rock band, creative and expository writing, English literature and Latin.  While teaching, for me, is too draining to do full time, as I've learned first hand, I'm definitely interested in seeing what sort of students, if any, get in touch with me via Lessonface.  Let it be you!

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