Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shirley Collins and the Blue Ridge Swim Club 29 June 2014

I wish I could say that Shirley Collins would be appearing at the Blue Ridge Swim Club; she is not.  I mention Shirley Collins and the Blue Ridge Swim Club together here only to avoid writing two blog posts; it's summer and I've been avoiding my computer, working (and playing) outside.

Burning Bridges and Fifth Column Films are raising funds for a movie about Shirley Collins via Kickstarter, and I've contributed a recording of "The Blacksmith" adapted from Shirley and Dolly Collins' version from Anthems in Eden (part of "Song Story").  I've always loved their version and have been developing an arrangement for some years now.  The photo above is of me and my brother Paul at his studio in Louisville, Kentucky, adding modular synthesizer and mixing the track.  It, and other artists' versions of Shirley's songs, are being compiled for a record, Shirley Collins Inspired, available as a premium for donation to the project.  Shirley recently performed live for the first time in many, many years, and has been in the studio recording as well.  I hope to be in the audience for a performance in the near future.

And here is another picture to ring in the next item:
If experience is any guide, there would seem to be little hope in inviting you to come out for a show at the Blue Ridge Swim Club, unless you are a member.  It is, however, come one come all, though guests have to pay the regular visitors charge ($15), except that guest kids in middle school or younger are free.  I'll be performing with Adam Smith (Invisible Hand, Y'all) and Thomas Gunn; three acoustic guitars and three voices that I think will sound golden to anyone who comes and sits across the beautiful pool from the performance deck this Sunday, June 29, 2014.  It's one of my favorite gigs: outside, unamplified, under the trees, beside the green waters of the spring-fed pool.

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