Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Three of One; Quarter Dozen of the Other: Old Calf at Tea Bazaar January 24 and Ned Oldham and Alex Caton with Nathan Salsburg February 7 at CFOOT Studio

We are more of a quarterly concern.  We don't like to vie for your attention unless we have something to say.  Which doesn't mean we haven't been hard at work on new songs and new arrangements of olde songs.

Old Calf duo of Ned Oldham and Matty Metcalfe will kick new acoustical jams on a January 24 bill with Dare Dukes and Mister Baby at Charlottesville's  Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, with Alex Caton fiddling and singing out in the second half of the set.

Then in a fortnight on February 7th, please come for a special coffeehaus engagement with No Quarter Recording Artist the fingerstyle guitarist Nathan Salsburg, whose just-released album Affirmed is a steel string odyssey of wooden guitar.  Ned Oldham and Alex Caton have been working up a set of vocal duets made of traditional and traditional-ish tunes, and welcome Matty Metcalfe as a musical guest on bouzouki and accordion.  No website (three cheers!) for CFOOT: it's above the studio art store on Charlottesville's West Main, not far from the University.  You walk in the front at 1108 West Main, straight up the stairs and keep going back until you run into CFOOT Studio.  You will smell the coffee, which is on us.

The photo of Old Calf in Brooklyn last summer is by John Ruscher.

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